Sanya Kohli- Cakes & Chocolates by Sanya Kohli

Written by Punya Haruray

Sanya Kohli is a happy-go-lucky cake designer based out of Delhi. She is also a full time hands on mom who specializes in cakes, cookies, muffins & chocolates. I sometimes marvel at these ladies who carry on their work and be wonderful moms! I wonder how Sanya keeps her son away from the goodies that she makes! Imagine my mom making these fabulous cakes, I would never let her give it away to someone else!

Sanya started this as a hobby to d-stress, soon her passion grew to a level that she started this commercially! She plans to take this forward with all her heart & soul. And you never know, she might open a bakery of her soon!

Designer cakes are the in thing now for all occasions, be it Birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, baby announcements or gifting! Somehow, I always feel that there is more focus on the presentation of the designer cakes rather than the taste of the cake. With the same notion in my head, I tasted Sanya’s cakes and muffins! To my surprise, I was reminded of the old times when the goodness of the pudding lay in its taste! The cake was soft and moist, the red velvet muffin had a perfect balance of sugar & cream. The chocolate and the vanilla flavors were good too. If someone asked me to pick out the best, I will not be able to decide-they’re all yum!

Sanya Kohli also has chocolate coated biscuits, chocolate & muffin gift packs at reasonable prices which would be an ideal give away at parties or if you are looking for an accompaniment with wedding cards or any other gift items. Sanya can also adhere to your theme event or decoration specifications that you ask her to do. Its also an ideal Diwali gifting item. Now, who would mind a nice tray of chocolate cookies or muffins? Carry them along for the hosts to your next cards party!

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